Like the credit union industry, the GCUMC is led by a volunteer Board of Directors elected from within the membership. Directors serve up to two consecutive three-year terms, and spend their term coordinating the activities of the council. Board nominations and elections are held each fall to fill expiring terms. Any Georgia Credit Union Marketing Council member may run for election.


2020 Board of Directors:

Shannon Frost, President
Day Job: Vice President of Marketing at Coca-Cola Credit Union
Why I Love Credit Unions: I love that Credit Unions were truly created to help people afford life.  They empower members to take ownership of their financial futures, are invested in improving the quality of life within their communities and consistently give back in bold and meaningful ways. 
Professional Mantra: Think Big. Give More. Be Brave.

Tom Maiellaro, Member at Large
Day Job: Key marketing representative for Associated Credit Union that drives the strategic direction of the Associated Credit Union brand, tone, and message to our members and our employees
Why I Love Credit Unions: Credit Unions are the under-dog in the financial world. They are the friend that everyone needs. They are here to help... to succeed... to prosper on their members' behalf.
Professional Mantra: Make the greater good even greater.

Stephanie Graves
Stephanie Graves, Member at Large
Day Job: Vice President of Marketing at Coosa Valley Credit Union
Why I Love Credit Unions: A Credit Union is a place where we can help people right in our community in a myriad of ways. We are in a position to make life better for people. Through affordable financial products, critical financial education, and meaningful community partnerships, we make a difference in lives every day. 
Professional Mantra: Be a team player, and a go-to resource for helping solve problems.

Andy Anderson
Andy Anderson, Member at Large
Day Job: Vice President, Marketing Service Manager, CDC Federal Credit Union
Why I Love Credit Unions: I love credit unions because they have an opportunity to make a real difference in people's lives.  Life is much easier to navigate and enjoy when you're not stressed about finances.

Amanda Arnold
Amanda Arnold, Member at Large
Day Job: Vice President of Marketing & Business Development, Credit Union of Georgia
Why I Love Credit Unions: I love Credit Unions because it is truly all about people helping people. We are in business to help our members achieve milestones in their lives. From opening their first savings and checking account to their first car and home, all the way to retirement – the Credit Union is the constant in their lives. Our main goal is to help our members succeed.
Professional mantra: The difference between aspiration and success is execution.

Kristi Arrington, Nonvoting Member
Day Job: Vice President, Information Development, Georgia Credit Union Affiliates
Why I Love Credit Unions: Credit unions exist to help people afford life…wherever they are in life. It’s not about returning profits to shareholders, it’s about providing value to members.
Professional Mantra: Excellence does not require perfection.

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